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Independent Ethics Oversight: Establish a truly independent ethics commission with comprehensive responsibility for ethics enforcement. Give it the resources necessary to vigorously investigate and punish ethics rules violations by members of both the executive and legislative branches. Operate it under the following rules:

  • No elected officials on its governing board.

  • A five-year revolving door restriction for recent politicians or their staff members to serve as board or staff for the Ethics Commission.

  • Apply Freedom of Information and Open Meetings Laws to the Ethics Commission.

Fund Ethics Enforcement by County District Attorneys: County DAs need additional resources in order to enforce public ethics laws in addition to their work on street crime.

Full-Time Legislature: Limit income from outside work while serving in office, similar to limitations on Representatives in Congress. Legislators should be public servants, not politicians getting rich from the work (show or no-show) they secure because they are legislators who influence legislation.

Term Limits: 2 four-year terms for executive officers, 6 two-year terms for legislators.

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