Outreach Materials

Get organized!

DOWNLOAD Donations Forms HERE!Sign-up Sheets HERE! Voter Registration Forms HERE!  

Download our campus flyer and Climate Action quarter sheets! Designed by Shirari Industries in Ithaca, they print well in black and white! Scroll down for more fliers!


Click to download leaflets:

Click to download leaflets on high stakes testing & school funding:

Click to download leaflets on progressive taxes:






Click to download leaflets on banning fracking and clean energy:



Click to download leaflets on ending the drug war:


Click to download leaflets EN ESPAÑOL on $15/hr minimum wage to:


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  • commented 2016-09-15 04:03:50 -0400
    Those flyers and Climate Action quarter sheets are everywhere at http://essaydune.com/college-essay-help/. Do you think it is effective way to advertise a person no one even knows good? Believe or not, people will not vote for person from flyer, because anything can be written there and people don’t need beautiful words, they need considerable actions.