Single payer health care could save state billions

Albany Times Union, January 30, 2017

Commentary by Howie Hawkins

A single-payer public health plan will lower the costs of government and doing business in New York. Since Governor Cuomo agrees that single payer is a "good idea," he should incorporate it into his legislative and budget agenda.

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo should support new health act

Daily Orange (Syracuse University), January 29, 2018

Letter to the Editor by Howie Hawkins

New York state Gov. Andrew Cuomo said last September that a state single-payer public health plan would be a “good idea.” But he said nothing about it in his State of the State address and budget messages.

A state “Medicare for All” system would save $2.7 billion to insure state employees and retirees, which would take a big bite out of the $4.4 billion deficit the state faces.

The New York Health Act would provide universal health care for all New Yorkers for all medically necessary services with no out-of-pocket expenses (including premiums, copays and deductibles).

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Local activists oppose proposed National Grid electricity, gas rates increase

Daily Orange (Syracuse University), January 29, 2018

... “People in the community call it National Greed — people talk about National Greed. They have been upset for a long time and this rate hike will not help the company’s reputation,” said Howie Hawkins, a local activist who has voiced support for publicly-owned power utilities.

Hawkins campaigned for mayor this past fall on the Green Party ticket....

“This rate proposal has a low-income provision, but it’s those people that are working above the threshold but not rich … lower income workers, those are the people that are going to get hit the hardest and face the choice between heat and groceries,” Hawkins said.

Universal health insurance is answer to improving NY's business climate

Syracuse Post-Standard, January 18, 2018

Commentary by Howie Hawkins

Howie Hawkins, of Syracuse, was the Green Party candidate for mayor.

Your Jan. 14 editorial ("CNY economy needs workforce training") cites a CenterState CEO survey of business leaders who said rising employee benefit costs were "the No. 1 pressure point for their businesses in 2017."

But your response seems to be call for state tax and spending cuts. That seems implied by your comment that the "state's tax climate also matters" and adding that the state faces a $4 billion deficit, plus additional lost revenue from federal changes to health care and tax policy, which is estimated to be over $2 billion.

I would suggest that a better approach than austerity budgets is to improve the business climate and reduce government deficits by enacting the New York Health Act in order to lower health care costs to business and government.

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Green Party holds its own State of the State

WRVO (NPR, SUNY Oswego), January 8, 2018


The Green Party in New York offered up its own State of State address last week, with a series of ideas the party says will push the state forward.

Howie Hawkins, a two-time gubernatorial candidate for the Green Party, says there are things his party liked in Gov. Cuomo’s list of 2018 legislative priorities, but there's not enough to pull them on board.

“He’s socially progressive but economically, he’s pretty conservative,” said Hawkins. “And the system isn’t changing. And when you get to issues like poverty and the struggles of middle income people, he offers nothing.”

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Howie Hawkins on the State of the State

A Green State of the State Message

Legislative Gazette, January 2, 2018

New York can lead the nation and the world toward economic justice and ecological sustainability. Our state can be an inspiring example of full employment at living wages, health care for all, affordable housing, quality public education, and 100 percent clean, climate-stabilizing energy.

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