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Pipe Dream (Binghamton University): October 29, 2018


Howie Hawkins (G)

Howie Hawkins is the Green Party candidate for governor of New York. He is running alongside Jia Lee, Green Party candidate for lieutenant governor. As a young adult, Hawkins was involved in political activism, and was one of the founding members of the Green Party. He has previously run for New York governor and for U.S. Senate. He was also Jill Stein’s running mate for vice president when she ran in the 2016 presidential election. Hawkins is originally from San Francisco, California, and currently lives in Syracuse, New York.

1. Fighting corruption at the state level is a big concern for citizens across New York during this election cycle. What is your plan to tackle corruption in Albany?

“Enact full public campaign finance. Reopen the Moreland Commission on Public Corruption. Close the LLC loophole. Ban campaign donations from state lobbyists and contractors. Replace the politician-appointed Joint Commission on Public Ethics with an independent ethics oversight commission. Full-time legislators with limits on outside income. Term limits, two four-year terms for state executive offices and six two-year terms for state legislators.”

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Green Party Candidates in Utica to Discuss Campaign, Upstate Fiscal Relief, Debates

For immediate release: October 29, 2018

Notice of News Conference
Date: Tuesday, October 30
Time: 1o:30 AM
Location: Cafe Domenico, 2011 Genesee St., Utica NY
Who: Howie Hawkins for Governor, Mark Dunlea for Comptroller


Green Party Candidates in Utica to Discuss Campaign, Upstate Fiscal Relief, Debates

Howie Hawkins, the Green Party candidate for Governor, and Mark Dunlea, the Green Party candidate for Comptroller, will make their last stop in Utica before election day on Tuesday October 30. They will hold a news conference at 10:30 AM at Cafe Domenico, 2011 Genesee St., Utica.

The candidates will discuss this week’s debates for Comptroller and Governor. The League of Women Voters is sponsoring the first inclusive debate in the Gubernatorial race this Thursday November 1 at the College of St. Rose in Albany.

They will also discuss the need for fiscal relief for upstate communities and the need for an emergency mobilization to respond to climate change. The United Nations recently warned that the world needs to take dramatic action to end greenhouse gas emissions within the next 12 years.

The Greens say that the two major parties have show themselves incapable of solving pressing problems in NY, such as the high level of lead contamination experienced by children.

Green Party calls for increased funding for schools, housing

For immediate release: October 29, 2018

Westchester like rest of state needs to desegregate

The Green Party candidates for Governor and Attorney General were in White Plains today to call for an overhaul of the state’s education policies, including more funding for schools in low-income communities.

Howie Hawkins, the Green Party candidate for Governor, said that New York must desegregate its schools and housing.

The Greens say the state should close the $4.2 billion cumulative shortfall in Foundation Aid funding that was intended to meet the requirements of the 2006 ruling in the Campaign for Fiscal Equity case. They say the Attorney General should settle, not fight in court, the lawsuits from New York City and Syracuse parents and the Small Cities for full Foundation Aid funding.

Hawkins noted that the “best way to improve education is end the racial, class, and academic segregation in public schools. Integration has been the most powerful progressive education reform since Brown v. Board of Education by far. It substantially reduces the achievement gap between low- and middle-income students. And all students do better in terms of intellectual self-confidence, creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, and tolerance.”

Hawkins blasted Governor Cuomo for failing to address the race and class segregation of schools in New York State.

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Why I’m Not Voting Green in New Jersey

New Politics: October 29, 2018

Znet: November 6, 2018

The case for voting for Green candidate Howie Hawkins for governor of New York is a strong one and were I a New Yorker (I live in New Jersey), I would do so. True, he made a serious error in sharing a platform with Assadist, Islamophobic, and conspiracist Jimmy Dore,1 but there’s no doubt that on a whole host of issues Hawkins’ position is an admirable left position, far closer to my views than are those of the awful Democrat, Governor Andrew Cuomo.

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New York: Five-way Gov. race -- Third parties push change

Morning Times (Twin Tiers, NY/PA): October 29, 2018

"We will never reverse pending planetary environmental collapse as long as we have a capitalist economy where competition for profits drives the blind, relentless growth that is consuming our environment," Hawkins said on his website. "We will never reverse extreme and growing economic inequality as long as workers get a fixed wage and capitalists take the rest of the value that labor creates as profit."

Citing the necessity for systemic change "toward an ecological democratic socialism," Hawkins looks to redistribute wealth "equitably" through the use of a "state-owned Social Wealth Fund" to use tax funds "to buy a portfolio of stocks, bonds and real estate ... and share the returns across the population."

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We’ve Got Issues: Transit and New York’s Race for Governor

City Limits: October 29, 2018

Howie Hawkins (Green Party)

Hawkins, a longtime activist, unveiled his transit platform last week. In it, he pledges to take a multi-pronged approach to funding the MTA’s needed upgrades. If elected, he says he would launch a $100 billion capital plan to improve commuter rail lines and fix the subway system, which he also wants to expand into neighborhoods that are currently underserved by transit. He would pay for plan through a number of revenue initiatives, including congestion pricing, a “carbon tax” on corporate polluters and additional taxes on the wealthy, according to his platform.

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Hawkins and Sussman to Outline Campaign Agendas on Segregation and Former Offenders

For immediate release: October 29, 2018

Notice of Press Conference

Date: Monday, October 29
Time: 12:30 PM
Location: Front of White Plains City Hall, 255 Main St.
Who: Howie Hawkins, Green for Governor; Michael Sussman, Green for Attorney General
What: Discussion of campaigns; housing, education and segregation; jobs and support for former prisoners

Hawkins and Sussman to Outline Campaign Agendas on Segregation and Former Offenders

The Green Party candidates for Governor and Attorney General will hold a news conference on Monday October 29 in White Plains to discuss their campaigns. The event will be at 12:30 PM in front of the White Plains city Hill at 255 Main St.

In addition to this week’s Gubernatorial debate sponsored by the League of Women Voters, Hawkins, a retired Teamster from Syracuse, will outline his positions on housing, education and segregation. Hawkins, who finished 3rd with 5% of the vote in the 2014 Gubernatorial race, is the only progressive on the ballot for Governor on November 6.

Sussman, the veteran civil rights and constitutional attorney from Orange County, will outline his platform, including the need to provide additional support to former offenders returning to the community.

Sussman will outline how the current operation of the Attorney General’s office protects corruption, and undermines the fair application of justice. His plans will end those practices.

Howie Hawkins in Jamestown Gazette

Jamestown Gazette: October 29, 2018

Article Contributed by
Hawkins for Governor

I’m a retired Teamster from Syracuse and an organizer in movements for peace, justice, labor, and the environment since the 1960s. I’m the only progressive candidate for governor left on the ballot, the only candidate who will sign the NY Health Act for universal single-payer health care, the only candidate who will sign the NY Off Fossil Fuels Act for 100% clean energy by 2030, the only candidate who will fully fund Foundation Aid for public schools, and the only candidate who will tax the richest 1% – who receive 31% of all income in the state – in order to pay for infrastructure improvements, from 1,837 structurally-deficient bridges to building out a 100% clean energy system.

Our cities and towns cannot provide proper services because unfunded mandates and cuts to revenue sharing force local property taxpayers to balance the state budget on their backs. We need an alternative to Cuomo’s trickle-down tax breaks, subsidies, contracts, and regulatory favors to wealthy pay-to-play campaign donors. I propose a Green New Deal for New York to revitalize public services and infrastructure. That will create 100,000s of good jobs, purchasing power will rise, and private businesses will expand and hire to meet the increased demand.

What You Should Know About Statewide Candidates

Jamestown Post-Journal: October 29, 2018

Ticket: Howie Hawkins/Jia Lee (Green Party)

What To Know: Hawkins proposes to have 100 percent clean energy by 2030 instead of 2050, a single-payer health care system, indexing a $20 minimum wage to inflation and productivity, a full opt-out from high-stakes school testing, full funding for all public schools and tuition-free public colleges.

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Syracuse Candidates Make Bids for NYS Governor

Spectrum News: October 28, 2018


"Not being in the debate, not really being able to get the word out is really a disservice to the voters of this state," said Howie Hawkins, (G) gubernatorial candidate....

"What keeps me going despite the odds is that I've been involved in movements for peace, justice, labor, environment since the 1960s and we always started out as a small minority...You look at history and you can make change," he said.

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