Voters pour in to cast ballots

TriCorner News (Dutchess County): November 7, 2018

Despite intermittent pouring rain, Dutchess County voters came out in large numbers to cast their ballots for their choice of candidates in this year’s mid-term election on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Out of a total of 5,790,035 votes, incumbent candidate Andrew Cuomo received the greatest number for New York State governor with 3,352,588 votes. He campaigned under the Democratic, Working Families, Independence and Women’s Equality party lines.

Campaigning against Cuomo on the Republican, Conservative and Reform party lines, Marc Molinaro received 2,088,381 votes. Running on the Green Party line, Howie Hawkins received 95,668 votes, followed by Libertarian candidate Larry Sharpe with 90,739 votes and Serve America Movement candidate Stephanie Miner 51,323 votes.

How NY Counties Voted In Cuomo-Molinaro Race (Bedford NY Patch): November 7, 2018

Of the other names on the ballot, none received more than 1.65 percent of the votes. That was Howie Hawkins on the Green Party line. Libertarian Larry Sharpe came in at 1.57 percent and Stephanie A. Miner received 0.89 percent.

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Election Results Impact Future Ballots

CNY Home Page, Utica (TV: ABC, Fox): November 7, 2018

By Tom Coyne

UTICA, NY - State election results have an impact besides determining who will serve office for the next term. It also is works to establish the order in which parties will appear on future ballots, even whether a party will appear at all. Tuesday’s state results changed the line up on how the parties will be listed on ballots in New York State and solidified the rights of two parties for the next four years.

Among the losers in the race for New York State Governor, Larry Sharpe came out a winner. The Libertarian candidate’s finish with the sixth highest vote total under a party heading, not only earned his party a place on the ballot, it moved the Libertarian line out of a co-share position and into the sixth place on future ballots.

Andrew Cuomo’s 105,980 votes as the Working Families Party candidate topped Howie Hawkins’ 95,668 votes on the Green Party line and flip flopped those two party’s positions on the ballot.

While former Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner had the lowest vote total of all of the candidates running for Governor, her vote total, as the Serve America Movement party candidate, crossed the 50,000 line needed to qualify as a party to be placed on the ballot for the next four years.

Earning a place on the ballot gains for a party the ability to nominate candidates for statewide office without petitions. It also allows for a lower threshold to be met in order to qualify a candidate for a legislative office.

Cuomo loses Upstate again, but holds onto big cities

Syracuse Post-Standard: November 7, 2018

The vote in Onondaga County was:

  • Cuomo: 79,064
  • Molinaro: 70,626
  • Howie Hawkins (Green): 4,900
  • Stephanie Miner (SAM): 5,314
  • Larry Sharpe (Libertarian): 4,485

Cuomo had no trouble winning Onondaga County in 2014. He had almost 70,000 votes to Republican Astorino's 53,487. (That year, Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins won almost 11,000 votes in Onondaga County, his home.)

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Stephanie Miner wins ballot line for new Serve America Movement in NY governor race

Syracuse Post-Standard: November 7, 2018

In Syracuse, Miner, a two-term mayor, trailed fellow Syracusan Howie Hawkins who also ran for governor....

Hawkins won 94,839 votes statewide to secure the Green Party a ballot line for the next four years. In Onondaga County, Hawkins won 3 percent of the vote. He won 463 more votes than Miner in Syracuse.

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Howie Hawkins wins enough votes to keep Green Party status in NY

Syracuse Post-Standard: November 6, 2018

By Michelle Breidenbach

Candidates for New York governor Stephanie Miner, Larry Sharpe and Howie Hawkins speak during the 2018 Global Citizen Festival in New York City. (Photo by Theo Wargo)
Syracuse's Howie Hawkins has succeeded in his attempt to keep the Green Party's status as an official party in New York state.
The Green Party appeared fourth on the ballot in NY thanks to Hawkins' strong showing four years ago in the race for governor.
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Cuomo wins re-election, easily defeating Molinaro

Albany Times Union: November 6, 2018

The Green Party candidate, Howie Hawkins, ran again to Cuomo's left. While the Green Party gained well over the 50,000 votes needed to maintain a ballot line in New York, Hawkins was not set to match his 5 percent showing in the 2014 elections. (As of 11:30 p.m., Hawkins had cleared 83,000 votes.)

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Hawkins Declares Mission Accomplished As He Wins Ballot Status for Greens for Third Time in a Row

For immediate release: November 6, 2018

Howie Hawkins, the Green Party candidate for Governor, declared “mission accomplished” tonight as his vote total surpassed the 50,000 votes needed to maintain a ballot line for the Green Party in New York. 

Hawkins successfully regained ballot status for the Greens in 2010 after they lost it in the 2002 election. In 2014, Hawkins won almost 5% of the vote, the highest vote total for an independent left party candidate for governor in New York history and the highest percentage since 1920. Today’s accomplishment is the first time that one candidate has won a ballot line for a third party for three consecutive gubernatorial elections in New York history.

“We have secured a Green Party ballot line in New York state for three consecutive elections by running our own candidates instead of running a major party candidate on our line. That’s a significant achievement in a system designed to create so-called third parties that merely function as extra ballot lines for the Democratic and Republican parties,” said Hawkins. 

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Hawkins Election Night Party in Syracuse at Sugar Magnolia

For immediate release: November 6, 2018

Howie Hawkins, the Green Party candidate for Governor, will hold an election night party at Sugar Magnolia restaurant, 316 S Clinton St. Syracuse.

An initial set of speeches will take place around 9:45 PM.

Hawkins is seeking for the third time in a row to win enough vote to continue the Green Party’s ballot status in New York, making it much easier to field candidates.

Frank Cetera, the Green candidate for Syracuse Common Council at-large, will also be present.

Howie Hawkins: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know November 6, 2018

Howie Hawkins, the Green Party’s candidate for governor of New York, admits that he isn’t very likely to win the vote on November 6. But Hawkins is urging New Yorkers to vote for him anyway — because, he says, he represents a “plan B” for voters who are fed up with Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Hawkins says that by voting for him, New Yorkers will be letting politicians in Albany know that they want a more progressive agenda. “We don’t have to win the office to have an influence. Of course, we do want to win the office,” Hawkins said.

Here’s what you need to know:

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