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Are You Fed Up With Spectrum?

Are You Fed With Verizon?

Are You Fed Up With Optimum, RCN and the Rest of the Broadband Companies Ripping Off New Yorkers with Poor Service and Exorbitant Fees?

New York regulators are threatening to kick Spectrum out of the state because the company failed to build the infrastructure that was agreed to as a condition of the Time Warner/Comcast merger.

That's a good start, but no New Yorker should have to rely on a corporate monopoly for broadband access that is essential for participating in today's society and economy.

We, the undersigned #DemandMore Digital Democracy, Universal Access and Net Neutrality from a Democratically Managed Public Broadband Utility that prioritizes better service for communities over corporate profits.

It's time to give Spectrum the Boot and build a better Internet for New York!

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