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Hawkins pitches 'Plan B' for progressives in governor's race

Buffalo News: September 20, 2018

By Keith McShea

Green Party gubernatorial candidate Howie Hawkins is billing himself as "Plan B" for New Yorkers who didn't vote for Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo in last month's Democratic primary.

Hawkins, who garnered about 5 percent of the vote in finishing third in the 2014 gubernatorial election won by Cuomo, made that his overriding message Thursday as he kicked off his general election campaign at Broderick Park in Buffalo.

"We had half a million people vote for the progressive Democrats" in the primary, Hawkins said, "and I'm here to tell them that I'm Plan B when we get to the general election for those progressive voters. And also to appeal to those progressives who according to public opinion polls think Cuomo's a liberal ... no, look at the platforms. I should be your vote."

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Why We "Demand More!"

Socialist Worker: September 18, 2018

By Howie Hawkins and Jia Lee

Howie Hawkins and Jia Lee, Green Party candidates for governor and lieutenant governor in New York, explain how their campaign is aiming to raise expectations that have been systematically lowered by the state’s Democratic Party leaders.

WHEN OUR Green Party campaign for governor and lieutenant governor of New York settled on the campaign slogan of Demand More! we had three points in mind.

First, we wanted to “raise our expectations,” as Ralph Nader always enjoins us to do. In New York, that means, first of all, clean government. Public corruption is rampant.

More than 50 state officials have been driven from office since 2000 for ethical or criminal violations. During Governor Cuomo’s most recent term, the Speaker of the Assembly, the leader of the Senate, two of Cuomo’s top aides and a slew of Cuomo campaign contributors who received lucrative state contracts have been convicted of a variety of bid-rigging, bribery, fraud and kickback charges.

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Hawkins Progressive on Ballot, calls for Debates

For immediate release: September 13, 2018

Howie Hawkins Says He is the Progressive Candidate for Governor
Calls for 4 Regional Debates

I congratulate Andrew Cuomo on his primary victory and Cynthia Nixon for raising progressive alternatives.

Now that the primary is over, I look forward to a robust debate with Cuomo, Molinaro, Sharpe, Miner, and Nixon, if she chooses to stay in the race.

In particular, I will go beyond Nixon in the general election debate to put forward the eco-socialist policies we need for real solutions to the serious problems we face.

We need 100% clean energy by 2030, not 2050, to address the climate emergency.

Universal rent control is pointless without repeal of the Urstadt Law so that cities, not the state legislature, set their own rent regulations. And rent control is not enough. We need to radically expand public housing in order to make affordable housing a reality for all.

To provide every child a good education, we must not only fully fund high-poverty school districts. We must also desegregate New York’s most segregated schools in the nation and Opt Out of high-stakes testing that are used to evaluate teachers and use to put high-poverty schools into receivership and privatization as charter schools.

After the primary debate which largely ignored upstate New York and many critical issues starting with climate change, I proposed four regional debates (NYC Metro area, Capital District, Central NY and Western NY) to each focus on a topic area: The Economy, Government Reform, The Environment and Climate, and Social Policy, including education, health care, housing, transit, criminal justice, and civil rights.

Unlike the primary debate, the rules should be determined by all of the candidates and the media, not just Mr. Cuomo.

What Keeps Howie Hawkins Running

55 Plus, August-September 2018

The 65-year-old Green Party leader continues to ‘demand more’ — he has run for public office 21 times in the past 25 years. He is now running for governor. Again? He explains why

By Aaron Gifford

Hawkins speaking at the People’s Climate March, New York City, Sept. 14, 2014. Photo courtesy of Colin D. Young.
Hawkins speaking at the People’s Climate March, New York City, Sept. 14, 2014. Photo courtesy of Colin D. Young.

Even though he has yet to win an election and has been arrested now and again to make a point, Central New York’s most well-known socialist-environmentalist third-party candidate has accomplished far more during his ongoing political career than most people realize.

Sixty-five-year-old Howie Hawkins, of Syracuse, is the co-founder of the Green Party and played a major role in his party’s presidential runs with candidate Ralph Nader. The two major political parties and even some industries have adopted Green Party ideas.

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Howie Hawkins on Newsmakers

WSYR-TV (ABC, Syracuse), July 29, 2018


This week on Newsmakers with Dan Cummings, Dan talks to Howie Hawkins of Syracuse, the Green Party candidate for Governor in the November elections.

Howie Hawkins Interview on Black Agenda Radio

Black Agenda Radio, July 23, 2018


The Green Party has watched with interest as a number of Democrats have taken positions well to the left of Democratic Party leadership. In New York, Green Party candidate for governor, Howie Hawkins, says, if you want real social transformation, vote for the Greens. Hawkins and other Green Party members recently announced support for social ownership of the economy, a state public bank, and other radical measures. We asked Howie Hawkins what he means by “social ownership of the economy.”

Howie Hawkins launches another bid for New York governor

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, April 12, 2018


A former UPS worker from Syracuse, Hawkins is the Green Party's pick for governor.

ALBANY - Howie Hawkins, whose 2014 run for governor cemented the Green Party on New York's political ballots, will run again this fall.

Hawkins, of Syracuse, launched his gubernatorial campaign Thursday near the state Capitol, vowing to push a liberal-leaning agenda in hopes of forcing other candidates to the left.

"Progressives need to raise our expectations and demand more," Hawkins said. "We are demanding a change to the system."

With the Green Party's support, Hawkins will be on the ballot this fall, when Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, hopes to seek a third term.

A frequent candidate for office, Hawkins picked up more than 180,000 votes in the 2014 election, vaulting the Green Party to the fourth line on New York ballots for the next for years. He ran in 2010, as well.

Each party's candidate for governor must get at least 50,000 votes in order for the party to keep an automatic position on New York ballots.

At his campaign kick-off Thursday, Hawkins called for a ban on new fossil-fuel infrastructure, passage of a bill that would create a single-payer health care system and a quicker shift to renewable energy.

Cuomo, meanwhile, is facing a Democratic primary challenge from Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon. Republicans Marc Molinaro, John DeFrancisco and Joseph Holland are seeking their party's nomination.

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