Hawkins interview about Amazon subsidies

Focus on Albany: December 3, 2018


2018 Green Party Candidate for Governor Howie Hawkins talks about Amazon and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

Minor Parties Decline in Hyper-Partisan Age

Yonkers Times: November 24, 2018

The recent election for governor showed more New Yorkers voting, and more voting for Gov. Andrew Cuomo and fewer for minor party candidates.

Howie Hawkins was the Green Party candidate for governor of New York in both 2014 and 2018. In 2014, Hawkins got 5 percent of the vote, an impressive total for a minor party candidate. But this year, Hawkins got less than 2 percent of the vote, and the other minor party candidates for governor – Libertarian Larry Sharpe, 1.5 percent; and Serve America Movement candidate Stephanie Miner, less than 1 percent – did worse than Hawkins.

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Some third parties see victory in defeat

City and State: November 18, 2018

Stephanie Miner, Larry Sharpe and Howie Hawkins.
Stephanie Miner, Larry Sharpe and Howie Hawkins. | Adela Loconte/Shutterstock

But the biggest winner among the losers on election night was Green Party gubernatorial candidate Howie Hawkins who came in third behind Cuomo and Republican Marc Molinaro – enough votes for the Greens to keep ballot access and remain a force on the fringes of state politics....

[Stephanie Miner's] bid to win the governor’s mansion as a third-party candidate was doomed from the start – she wasn’t even the highest vote-getter from Syracuse, Hawkins was – but she got just enough to get the party recognition in New York.

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Cuomo aide: Molinaro endorsement out of touch with voters (Your letters)

Syracuse Post-Standard: November 16, 2018

Your Editorial Board was a steadfast supporter of Mayor Stephanie Miner throughout her term and supported Marc Molinaro against Gov. Andrew Cuomo. The election results for the city of Syracuse, the heart of your circulation area, had Cuomo winning with close to 67 percent, Marc Molinaro at 21.9 percent, Howie Hawkins at 5.3 percent and Stephanie Miner at 3.8 percent. There is clearly a significant disconnect between the positions of the editorial board and those of your readers, and considering these different realities, perhaps the Board needs to gain a better perspective. We believe performance matters in government and citizens value results and progress.

Dani Lever
Former Communications Director
Cuomo 2018


New York's third parties plot their future

Albany Times Union: November 14, 2018

This year's gubernatorial results were not as promising as four years ago for the Green Party, which saw its share of the vote shrink from about 5 percent to less than 2 percent. As a result, Howie Hawkins, who carried the party's mantle both times, anticipated they won't have the "same leverage" in Albany.

The Green Party will also move down the ballot from fourth position to fifth.

Hawkins said the party's focus moving forward will continue to be on issue-oriented activism, prioritizing climate change, campaign finance reform and working-class protections.

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Serve America Movement is New York’s newest third party

Legislative Gazette: November 14, 2018

Hawkins and the Greens’ lieutenant governor hopeful Jia Lee won 95,716 votes across the state for the Green Party, and ensured their party line status for the next four years. This is the first time in state history that a candidate has won a ballot line three consecutive times for a third party in the gubernatorial elections.

“We have secured a Green Party ballot line in New York state for three consecutive elections by running our own candidates instead of running a major party candidate on our line. That’s a significant achievement in a system designed to create so-called third parties that merely function as extra ballot lines for the Democratic and Republican parties,” Hawkins said.

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Green Party Secures Ballot Line, Lays Out Plans

Capital Tonight: November 12, 2018


The Green Party candidates for statewide office finished in a distant third on election day, but the party still sees some positives in the results.

Gubernatorial candidate Howie Hawkins got nearly 100,000 votes, securing the party's ballot line for the next four years, and doing better than the other two minor party candidates on the ballot.

Mark Dunlea is one of the co-founders of the New York Green Party and the 2018 comptroller candidate.

Libertarian and Green Parties Gain Attention and Moral Victories, Despite No Electoral Wins

WAER (NPR, Syracuse University): November 12, 2018


Green and Libertarian party officials believe the 2018 Midterm Elections helped their parties gain attention across the state, particularly due to recognition on ballots.

...recent Green party candidate for governor Howie Hawkins said he believes public campaign financing is long overdue in order to increase the visibility of minor parties.

“I think we need to bring that to New York so the Greens are not excluded from the base again, and we have a leveled playing field so Cuomo can’t use $50 million to just dominate the airways,” said Hawkins.

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Howie Hawkins on WGXC Radio

WGXC (Greene and Columbia Counties): November 9, 2018


This show will tune in a WOOC interview with Howie Hawkins, the Green Party candidate who finished third in the election for governor Nov. 6.

Signs of a Blue Wave

The Indypendent: November 9, 2018

Third Party Update

In New York’s third-party Olympics, the Working Families Party garnered 106,000 votes with Andrew Cuomo on the ballot line. In doing so, it surpassed the 50,000 vote threshold required to maintain its ballot line status for another four years. The WFP originally backed actor and activist Cynthia Nixon in the Democratic primary before opting to support Cuomo in the general election. The Greens, who refuse to cross endorse major party candidates, also preserved their ballot line with their gubernatorial candidate Howie Hawkins receiving 96,000 votes.

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