"Stop Common Core" is Republican Bait and Switch

"Stop Common Core" is Republican Bait and Switch

Green Party: "Stop Common Core" Just Another Republican Push to Privatize Education

The Green Party today said that the effort by the Republicans to create a "Stop Common Core" ballot line was largely a fraudulent bait and switch effort.

"Rob Astorino is the Jimmy McMillan of education reform. He states the obvious -- Stop Common Core -- but still doesn't make any sense," said Howie Hawkins, the Green candidate for Governor.

"They may stop common core but they will keep looting schools by underfunding public schools and pushing privately-managed charter schools and profligate contracts with testing firms," he explained.

"Stop Common Core needs to Start Getting Real about the need for quality, fully-funded, desegregated public education from pre-k to undergrad," added Brian Jones, the Green Lieutenant Governor candidate and a former NYC teacher. "To paraphrase Shakespeare (unless drama class has already been cut from the budget), "Privatization by Another Name Will Disenfranchise Just as Many." Perhaps they should just rename it 'we don't like teachers or unions'."

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