A Green New Deal for Climate Justice

A Green New Deal for Climate Justice

State of the Climate Rally – Albany, January 13, 2016

The cold hard facts of climate science global carbon budgets tell us …

... that to have just a 50% chance of staying below the threshold of runaway climate catastrophe – which is a 2 degree Celsius rise global temperatures – ...

… the rich industrial regions like New York State have to cut carbon emissions by 10% per year.

That means 100% clean energy by 2030 – at the latest.

New York State's goal is only 40% by 2030. Gov Cuomo, that's not near good enough!

The Green Party calls for a Green New Deal – an all out mobilization for 100% clean energy by 2030.

We have the studies to document that this goal is not only technically feasible, it also means Climate Justice.

It will create a 4.5 million jobs and a sustainable prosperity for all New Yorkers.

The Green New Deal means No Nukes!

The sun shines, the winds blow, and the waters flow. We just have to harvest this natural clean energy that is all around us.

We don't need Gov. Cuomo subsidizing dirty and dangerous nuclear power. No Nukes!

The Green New Deal means a Just Transition away from nuclear and fossil fuel plants for their workers and the communities that host them.

It means full income and benefits for workers as they make the transition to clean industries.

And it means progressive state tax reform and revenue sharing so that no community's tax base is dependent on nuclear or fossil fuel plants, or any other industry.

Finally, the Green New Deal means Energy Democracy. Public Power is the road to Solar Power!

We need a publicly-owned energy system that is operated democratically for public benefit – not autocratically for private profit.

That means we reject the profit-oriented approach being foisted on us by New York's Energy Czar, Richard Kaufman. His “Reforming the Energy Vision” is a scam straight out of Wall Street and his career at Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs.

We don't need an Energy Czar! We need Energy Democracy!

We need System Change to stop Climate Change!

A Green New Deal for New York can show the nation and the world how to survive the climate crisis by creating a sustainable prosperity.

Let's get to work. We have no time to waste.

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