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Able Newspaper

Able Newspaper is the Newspaper for people with disabilities in New York covering New York City and Long Island with 2 editions. (see website - We are planning on printing candidates’ answers and views on issues relating to the disability community in the November issue of Able.

According to the 2010 census nearly 20% of Americans have a disability. The attachment to this email contains the questions we hope you will answer so people with disabilities in your area can know how you will handle items that are important to their lives.

Question 1 - HEALTHCARE

People with disabilities rely on both public and private insurance options to obtain coverage to meet their healthcare needs. Access to affordable, comprehensive healthcare coverage is essential for people with disabilities to live independently and maximize their quality of life. Unfortunately, many people with disabilities continue to lack access to the services and supports they need. In addition, despite existing legal protections, people with disabilities are subject to discrimination in both the financing and provision of healthcare services.

What is your position on the N.Y. Health Act which will cover all New Yorkers with healthcare? If against, why?

I support the N.Y. Health Act.


The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 is a landmark civil rights law that prohibits discrimination based on disability. It also requires government buildings, businesses and other places of public accommodation to be accessible to people with disabilities. Unfortunately, nearly three decades after the ADA was signed into law, people with disabilities continue to experience discrimination and accessibility barriers (including inaccessible stores, broken elevators and lax enforcement of snow removal laws). What will you do to fight discrimination and enforce the ADA?

I support strong enforcement of the ADA and appropriating the funding to make public transportation and other public facilities accessible to people with disabilities, starting with MTA facilities. I support a public jobs program for people with disabilities, who have an unemployment rate double the rate of the rest of the workforce. The jobs should help meet community-defined needs. I also support expanding quality public housing geared to people with disabilities so they can live independently with appropriate support services.

Question 3 - LEADERSHIP

The disability community follows the saying “Nothing about us, without us.” People with disabilities want and deserve a seat at the table when policy decisions that affect their lives and liberty are made. People with disabilities understand the unique needs and nuances of their community. What are you doing to make sure qualified people with disabilities will be a part of your political team and, if elected, a part of your staff?

As Governor, I will make people with disabilities an important part of my policy-making team and my whole staff.

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