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Best Friends Animal Society

Best Friends Animal Society

Best Friends Animal Society is a national animal welfare leader with approximately 300,000 members who are dedicated to the mission of ending the killing in America's animal shelters. Best Friends’ presence in New York is anchored by our Pet Adoption Center in SoHo, which receives over 30,000 visitors annually.

Our New York supporters are interested in learning the gubernatorial candidates’ positions on animal welfare issues. To that end, below please find a list of four brief questions, to which we hope you will respond. The responses will be shared on Best Friends’ website and shared with over 54,000 New York email subscribers.

1. What is your position on New Yorkers being denied housing as a result of the pets they own (i.e. breed or weight)?

I favor state legislation to End Housing Discrimination Against People with Animal Companions. The legislation should:

  • End No Pets allowed clauses in rental leases.
  • Require landlords to permit 3 pets (more at their discretion) without any limitation to breed or weight.
  • Permit landlords to require up to 10% over the security deposit to cover potential damages.
  • Allow landlords a 90 day probationary period so they can be assured the tenant is a responsible pet guardian.

2. Will you make saving the lives of dogs and cats in municipal shelters a priority for your administration? Please explain.

I support passage of a Companion Animal Protection Act. Its key components would include:

  • Bifurcation of hold periods ensuring no animal can be euthanized before 7 days unless irremediably suffering or a clear danger to the public.
  • At risk for euthanasia lists should be posted for at least 48 hours to allow time for adopters, fosters, and rescuers to stop forward and complete applications.
  • Remove any animal from euthanasia risk if any qualified 501c3 rescue offers to foster an animal.

3. Please describe your familiarity with/position on trap-neuter-vaccinate-return (TNVR) programs to humanely reduce the free roaming outdoor cat population.

I support state funding of TNVR. It is the most humane way to control free roaming cat populations and is best done through managed colonies. I also support “working cat” (aka barn cat) programs where possible. These are free roaming cats managed by responsible entities to control rodent populations. Overall this is an ecologically sustainable and balanced solution.

4. Please explain your familiarity with/position on retail pet sales.

I support state legislation to ban sales of non-rescue companion animals at pet stores but allow them to sell animals from shelters or rescue groups. The ban would increase the demand for rescued pets and bring in revenues from adoption fees that can be dedicated to animal welfare.


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