Census shows Cuomo promotes income inequality

Census shows Cuomo promotes income inequality

Hawkins: Census Shows Cuomo has promoted income inequality in NY

"The new data today from the Census Bureau confirms that the bipartisan policies enacted under Cuomo over the last 4 years have benefited the rich at the expense of average New Yorkers. The wealthy have recovered from the Great Recession but not the 99%. Children especially are hurting from Cuomo's austerity agenda," said Howie Hawkins.

Hawkins would raise wages for New Yorkers by setting the minimum wage at $15 an hour and make health care a right under a single payer program. His Green New Deal would create full employment in New York, creating 4.5 million living wage jobs, by investing in a transition to 100% clean renewable energy by 2030. Full employment would also strengthen workers' negotiating positions at the bargain table.

Hawkins would also reverse the decades of bi-partisan tax cuts for the wealthy. Restoring the state's progressive tax structure of the 1970s would provide 95% of New Yorkers with a tax cut while raising billions of dollars of additional tax revenue to invest in rebuilding New York and creating jobs.

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