Cuomo's Latest Coverup on LIPA Shows He Can't Be Trusted

Cuomo's Latest Coverup on LIPA Shows He Can't Be Trusted

“Cuomo has a Nixonian compulsion for coverups,” said Howie Hawkins today in reference to today's NY Times expose on Governor Cuomo's whitewashing of his role in LIPA's response to Hurricane Sandy.

"Cuomo can't be trusted to tell New Yorkers the truth. He repeatedly manipulates studies and Commissions to provide the narrative and conclusions that he wants," said Hawkins, the Green Party candidate for Governor.

Cuomo shut down his second Moreland Commission once it began to ask questions about the massive campaign contributions he was receiving. He altered a federal hydrofracking study he commissioned to downplay fracking's threat to the water supply.   Now the NY Times reports that he hid from the public the role his administration played in leaving the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) short staffed, which contributed to its disastrous performance in Hurricane Sandy. He also blocked their efforts to communicate with the public during the Sandy emergency. He used the report to privatize LIPA.

"There is a reason why Cuomo's nickname is the Prince of Darkness. He is the top dog in the culture of corruption that dominates the State Capitol. He deceives the public, he bullies—his administration has been one of the most secretive in history, evading the Freedom of Information law. And he trades political favors, at taxpayer expense, in exchange for massive donations," added Hawkins.

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