Original Cuomo Late Show Top Ten List Leaked

Original Cuomo Late Show Top Ten List Leaked

(New York City) — Last night Andrew Cuomo delivered the Top Ten list on CBS’  “The Late Show with David Letterman,” where he laid out the "Top Ten Ways New York State is Better Than Ever." 

But the Hawkins campaign was anonymously given the original Top Ten script Late Show writers had drawn up for Cuomo. The script was then altered by Cuomo just as he similarly altered the federal fracking study.

Without further ado the original Cuomo Top Ten script: 

The Top 10 Reasons New Yorkers Can't Trust Governor Cuomo

No. 10: Just ask the Working Families Party.

No. 9 : Said he'd fight corruption then he killed the anti-corruption Moreland Commission when it got too close to him and his friends.

No. 8: Cuomo says he is undecided about fracking but is allowing construction of fracking infrastructure in NY

No. 7: Cuomo says he is waiting for the science to decide about fracking, just like the climate change deniers.

No. 6: Cuomo Says he'll move NY to 100% renewable energy…wait, no he doesn't say that, Howie Hawkins does.

No. 5: Say's he's going to fight for working people and the middle class while he freezes wages and doesn't raise the minimum wage.

No. 4: He's putting his new memoir on the non-fiction shelves.

No. 3. He won't debate because he says "debates are a disservice to Democracy."

No. 2: He is the only Governor doctoring the science on fracking.

No. 1: He says New Yorkers are better off but half of all New Yorkers can't afford their rents!

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