Final Election Results

Final Election Results

New York State Board of Elections: December 14, 2018

The New York State Board of Elections posted the certified election results on December 14, 2018 after counting all the absentee and other paper ballots and canvassing the voting machines. You can see the county and statewide results here.

Our final vote total was 103,946. In 2014, we received 184,419 votes.

The biggest drop offs were liberal college areas (St. Lawrence, Tompkins, Ulster counties), where Cuomo seems to have got the anti-Trump Democratic vote, and the capital district, where public employees had given us the most votes in 2010.

Our smallest drop-off upstate was in the Buffalo area, where local Greens organized several good events and we received the Buffalo Teachers Federation endorsement. Our drop-off was also much smaller in Orange County, home to our Attorney General candidate, Michael Sussman.

In the New York City area, we almost maintained our 2010 vote in Brooklyn and actually got slightly higher votes in the Bronx and Queens. The rest of the metro area declined roughly proportionately with our overall decline.


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