Get Out The Vote Rally with Buffalo Teachers Federation

Get Out The Vote Rally with Buffalo Teachers Federation

Who: Howie Hawkins, Green candidate for Governor

What: Get Out The Vote Rally

Where: Buffalo Teachers Federation Headquarters, 271 Porter Street (corner of Porter & Niagara), Buffalo, New York, 14201

When: 1:00 pm, Sunday, November 2

Why: The Buffalo Teachers Federation endorsed Howie Hawkins because he defends the right to education, calls for full funding for public schools and opposes the plans to turn Lafayette, Bennett, East and MLK into private charter schools, including giving these wealthy charters the public school buildings! He also calls for a $15 minimum wage, ban on fracking and 100% clean energy by 2030. He supports organizing efforts after the elections to further build the independent politics of the people.

Howie Hawkins & Brian Jones have been endorsed by the following Teachers Unions:
Port Jefferson Station Teachers Association
Valley Central Teachers Association
Buffalo Teachers Federation
The Plainview-Old Bethpage Congress of Teachers
East Williston Teachers' Association
Lakeland Federation of Teachers

Educators, Parents, Students for Hawkins and Jones

Hawkins for Governor Platform Position on Education

Fully fund public schools with an equitable state aid formula.
Eliminate the Gap Elimination Adjustment and the state-mandated local tax cap.
100% Foundation Aid for public schools.
Fully funded, full day, and developmentally appropriate Universal Pre-K and Kindergarten with certified and unionized educators.
Opt out of high-stakes testing for students, teachers, and schools.
Opt out of Common Core and Race To The Top.
Opt into common standards, curricula, and diagnostic tests written by professional teachers in the schools, not by outside corporate contractors.
Opt into teacher and school evaluation based on collaboration.
Opt into affirmative action to reduce school segregation by race and class, such as regional inter-district transfer programs.
State legislation to reduce class sizes and case loads.
Free Tuition at CUNY, SUNY, and Community Colleges.

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