Guest Post: Howie - A fighter for Justice. And my cats love him.

Guest Post: Howie - A fighter for Justice. And my cats love him.

Gloria Mattera, Green Party State Co-Chair

Mentor.  Comrade. Running-mate. Friend.  That is how I know Howie Hawkins.

And I am proud to say my friend and former-running mate in the 2010 gubernatorial race, Howie Hawkins is the Green Party candidate for Governor.

(photo from April 23rd climate rally at State Capitol,
where we were both arrested for protesting Cuomo)

Story-teller.  Historian. Visionary.

I should point out that we have 4 days before the last filing period for campaign financial reports. We need donations of at least another $5,000 by October 22  to meet our fundraising targets.

Donate To Howie

More critically, polls show that we face a real struggle to get the 50,000 votes to maintain our ballot status in New York.

This is an “All Hands on Deck Moment to save the Green Party in New York, Please do what you can to reach out to your contacts to urge a vote for Howie for Governor on Tuesday November 6 on Row D.

But back to why I support Howie.

Howie taught me about the importance of independent politics and I am grateful to know the person who played such a significant role in building that movement and the Green Party. I share Howie's vision of a sustainable, just society.

You can learn about Howie and his accomplishments here but to appreciate his passion, his knowledge and his commitment you can watch this short video.

Like my father, Howie loaded trucks for a living. My dad with Daily News; Howie with UPS.  Both fought for workers' rights on the shop floor and for fair wages on the picket line. And when others said to compromise or settle, both stood their ground to demand more – for workers, seniors, students, immigrants.

For over 15 years I have stood side by side with Howie – organizing, campaigning, risking arrest.  But we have also sat at my dinner table, exercised at the local Y and cheered on our favorite sports teams.

We need a Governor like Howie Hawkins – someone who can envision a New York that works for all of us and has the common sense-yet-groundbreaking solutions to get us there.

Oh and my cats like him.

Please donate today to the Howie Hawkins and Jia Lee campaign.

Stand up for the only progressive option left on the ballot for Governor.


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