Hawkins Calls for Debates following rise to 7% in poll

Hawkins Calls for Debates following rise to 7% in poll

Hawkins Renews Call for Debates Following His Rise in Polls

Howie Hawkins, the Green Party nominee for Governor, renewed his call for debates after he rose to 7% in the latest NBCNY poll.

Both Cuomo and Astorino dropped in the recent poll, the first after the Moreland Commission revelations in the NY Times broke.

"Voters have a right to hear where the candidates stand on the issues. I am facing two conservatives in the major parties who are out of touch with the needs and concerns of most voters. The more the voters hear about where the Green Party stands, the better I continue to do," said Hawkins.

Prior polls had shown that a worker running as a third party candidate would pull 24% of the vote. The first poll that included Hawkins had him at 4%. The next poll had him at 6%.

Jesse Ventura was trailing badly in the polls in this third party run for Governor when the two major parties decided to allow him in the debates, each figuring he would take more votes from the other candidate. His inclusion in the debates propelled him to victory in Minnesota.


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