Hawkins: Hochul Is Too Conservative for NY

Hawkins: Hochul Is Too Conservative for NY

“Ms. Teachout is correct to point out the problems with the conservative voting record and beliefs of Cuomo’s running mate, Kathy Hochul. Cuomo selected Hochul because he wanted a conservative that would appeal to the voters in Western NY, a majority of whom favored his far right 2010 Republican opponent, Carl Pallodino. This is just another example of Cuomo putting his short term political interests ahead of what best for New York State residents,” said Hawkins.

Hawkins said that the selection of a Lt. Governor candidate is especially critical this year with Cuomo and his staff presently under investigation by the US Attorney over his interference with the Moreland Commission and its mission to root out corruption in Albany. Hawkins noted that Cuomo’s predecessor, David Paterson, was not up to the task of running the state when Gov. Eliot Spitzer resigned over a prostitution scandal, enabling Cuomo to grab the position. Spitzer had hurriedly selected Paterson in response to a push by African-American legislators to have Leecia Eve of Buffalo selected as the Lt. Governor candidate. 

Hawkins said he selected his running mate, Brian Jones, for his experience as being a school teacher in NYC as well as his support for a progressive agenda on immigration, housing, health care, job creation, economic justice and climate action.

“Cuomo is too far to the right on a host of education, tax and economic issues. And then Hochul is even further to his right. The Greens want to restore prosperity to New York and reject Cuomo’s austerity agenda that favor the wealthy over the 99%,” he added.

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