Hawkins on NYSUT Non Endorsement

Hawkins on NYSUT Non Endorsement

While the Hawkins / Jones campaign would have preferred an outright endorsement by NYSUT, their decision not to endorse the incumbent reflects the high level of dissatisfaction with the Cuomo agenda on education.

"We will continue to  stand with teachers and public school advocates to 1)oppose the corporate takeover and privatization of education and 2) expand education funding to meet our children's needs and so that teachers can teach. We are going to fight for our public schools, and look forward to talking with as many teachers and parents as we can in the months ahead," said Howie Hawkins.

Earlier this week, Brian Jones, a NYC educator, joined the NYSUT rally at the State Education building where a copy of the $32 million contract with Pearson for testing was shredded.  Many people recognized Brian from his role as co-narrator of the film, The Inconvenient Truth Behind Waiting for Superman. Even more said they planned to vote for the Hawkins/Jones slate in November.

"While the rally was aimed at privatization of education in general and the publishing giant Pearson in particular, speakers were conspicuously silent about the role of the Democratic Party and of Governor Andrew Cuomo in promoting corporate-oriented education reform," added Jones.

"Our two main opponents stand united in their ongoing attacks on our public school system and their promotion of privatization, including charter schools. They are also united in creating fake ballot lines to mislead voters, such as with the Republican petitions filed today to Stop Common Core.  We hope that NYSUT and other taxpayers will demand that their be open and inclusive debates, including one devoted to education," Hawkins concluded.

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