Media Advisory: Hawkins Press Conference at Stonewall Inn

Media Advisory: Hawkins Press Conference at Stonewall Inn

(New York, NY) — At a Monday morning press conference Howie Hawkins, Green Party Governor candidate and Alexander Meadows, Progressive Party 66th District Assembly candidate will endorse each other.

Both campaigns are gaining momentum because of their progressive stand on the issues (fracking ban, women's equality, affordable housing, income inequality, fighting poverty and for higher wages, clean energy and clemency for prisoners--Cuomo has not once used his clemency powers) and their appeal to progressive voters dissatisfied and furious with the record of entrenched Democratic Party leadership.

Green Party candidate for Governor, Howie Hawkins is the only progressive on the gubernatorial ballot. Hawkins is currently polling at 9%, which equates to 415,000 votes.

Hawkins and Meadows share the same progressive vision freed from the encumbrances of the two Party's pandering to the financial real estate, fossil fuel and gambling industries.

The district Alexander Meadows is running to represent includes the West Village, Hudson Square, Tribeca, Soho, Noho, the East Village west of First Ave. and a small part of Union Square.

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