Hawkins 9% Record for 3rd Party Progressive Gov Candidate

Hawkins 9% Record for 3rd Party Progressive Gov Candidate

Howie Hawkins, the Green Party candidate for Governor, is polling at a record high for a third party progressive candidate for Governor in NY according to a new Quinnipiac Poll. 

Hawkins is polling at 9%. Cuomo continues to fall in the polls, with only a bare majority (51%) now supporting him, raising the real possibility that most voters will reject him in November. 

The poll asked Hawkins' supporters who their second choice was. A majority indicated that if Hawkins was not running, they would vote for someone other than Cuomo.

Hawkins biggest challenge remains that most voters don't know enough yet about him, though his favorables scored higher than the unfavorables. Hawkins plans to start buying media ads shortly and hopes to convince Cuomo to agree to more than one televised debate. 

"Our platform of higher wages, increased funding for schools and local services, and job creation through action on climate change is supported by voters. The challenge is letting voters know where we stand. The 1% is lavishing their millions on Cuomo because he has shown that he is the best investment that Wall Street can make," noted Hawkins. 

A report from Bill Mahoney at NYPIRG shows that Cuomo gets 49% of his campaign funds from just 331 donors who gave $40,000 or more. Cuomo's average donation is almost 100 times as large as Hawkins.

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  • John Hunka
    commented 2014-10-09 23:06:12 -0400
    Within 24 hours, the Register Star newspaper will publish my letter to the editor calling for a debate between Hawkins, Cuomo and Astorino at the Opera House in Hudson. On Saturday morning, I will be setting up my information table at the farmers market in Hudson. Today, I mailed my financial contribution to Syracuse. Next, let’s get some phone banks up and running. Let’s keep this momentum going and beat Cuomo and Astorino. We can win this one!

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