Howie Hawkins and fairness

Howie Hawkins and fairness

Ruth's Report: October 23, 2018

Governor candidate, NY
Howie Hawkins Retweeted CBS New York
Since you have failed to return the phone call from my attorney, I want to put you on notice that as the Green Party candidate for Governor I demand equal time with respect to airing a debate today that you sponsored that included 2 of my opponents but excluded me.

Howie Hawkins is the Green Party candidate for governor of New York.

He should not have been excluded from the debate.

It is about fairness. 

It is about a free exchange in the public square.

It is about being an informed citizenry.

It is about the airwaves and digital access we, as a country, have given CBS and what they, in turn, owe us.

Howie Hawkins should sue and CBS should provide him with equal time.

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