Howie Hawkins Livestream: "So What is Socialism, Anyway?"

Join Howie for a LIVE Facebook discussion where we're asking "So What is Socialism, Anyway?"

Howie has been a member of the Socialist Party USA since it was established in 1973, and is also a member of the socialist organization Solidarity. Howie has published many articles in socialist publications like Against the Current, Democracy and
Nature, The Guardian newspaper, International Socialist Review, Our Generation, Socialist Worker, and The Socialist.

There has been a wave of interest in socialism since the 2016 elections, which is fantastic. This livestream will feature a discussion with you about how the concept of socialism might actually translate to the self-emancipation of working class and oppressed people, and the system changes we must achieve to accomplish that.

Click Here to Watch Live on Facebook. No account required to watch, but you will need one to post comments and questions.

July 12, 2018 at 8:00pm - 8:30pm
Facebook Live
Michael O'Neil ·

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