Howie Hawkins pitches campaign in Rochester

Howie Hawkins pitches campaign in Rochester

WROC TV (Rochester), July 26, 2018


ROCHESTER, NY (WROC) - The Green Party has officially chosen its candidate in the race for governor of New York.

This will be the third time Central New York's Howie Hawkins is running for the seat.

His platform includes the state running on 100 percent clean energy by 2030, health insurance for all New Yorkers through a single-payer system and affordable housing.

"The rent is going up healthcare costs are going up but wages have been stagnant,” says Hawkins “So in terms of housing we've got to build more affordable housing. The most effective economical way to do that is to expand public housing. Not these old projects for the poor that isolated, segregated minorities. But public housing that is mixed income where middle class, working class and the poor live together."

Incumbent Governor Andrew Cuomo will face Democratic challener Cynthia Nixon in the primary. Former Mayor of Syracuse Stephanie Miner is running on the independent ticket.

And on the Republican ticket: Dutchess County Exectuive Marc Molinaro.

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