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  • Revitalize the Public Sector: Fully fund public services and invest more in infrastructure, including clean energy, mass transit, public housing, broadband, education, health care, and environmental protection. Public utilities and services are the public avenues for private commerce. Revitalizing the public sector will do much more for the economy and the business climate across the board than tax breaks and subsidies for special interests. Public provision of infrastructure and services that operate at cost and not for profit will lower the costs of living and doing business in New York.

  • End Supply-Side, Trickle-Down Economic Policies: The state already engages in economic planning through its many economic development programs. This planning has focused on a supply-side, trickle-down policy of subsidies, grants, and tax breaks for the rich and corporations. But the benefits have not trickled down to working people or depressed cities, towns, and neighborhoods. This policy has fed a pay-to-play culture of corruption where economic favors flow to big campaign contributors. When it is not an illegal quid-pro-quo bribe, it is still legalized bribery.

  • Enact Demand-Side, Bottom-up Economic Plans: Enact demand-side, bottom-up economic planning to raise income and living standards for working people and economically-depressed communities. This policy will increase effective demand and stimulate business expansion and jobs to meet the demand.

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