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Enact GENDA: The Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act will ensure transgender and gender non-conforming people have equal protections in education, employment, housing, credit, and public accommodations (including banks, bus stations, court rooms, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, libraries).

Outlaw "Conversion Therapy": LGBT youth do not need to be "cured" from being who they are, but they do need to be protected from dangerous "conversion" practices, which have created serious negative health consequences, including social withdrawal, depression, and suicide.

Enact the Child-Parent Security Act: Current New York laws unfairly and unnecessarily burden families seeking to have children through the now common practice of gestational surrogacy where the carrier has no genetic connection to the child. The law must be changed in light of recent medical advances so that New York families can pursue a safe, regulated surrogacy arrangement in their own state that secures the parental relationships of children who are conceived and born with the assistance of egg or sperm donors or gestational carriers.

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