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Close the LLC Loophole: End the ability of rich campaign contributors to bypass contribution limits by contributing the maximum through multiple LLCs they own.

Ban Campaign Contributions from Lobbyists: Campaign contributions by individuals and firms registered as lobbyists should be prohibited. The appearance, if not the reality, of this legalized bribery undermines the people's trust in government.

Prohibit Legislative Staff from Working on Political Campaigns: Legislative staff are hired with taxpayers' money to work on legislation and constituent services. Public financing of election campaigns should be available to all candidates, not just incumbents who can deploy legislative staff on political campaigns.

Social Media Political Ad Disclosure: Require social media companies to disclose who paid for each political ad.

Full Public Campaign Financing: End the pay-to-play legalized bribery of private campaign financing with public campaign financing. A partial matching funds public campaign financing system will only make a system dominated by private money look like it was reformed when it was not. We need a full public campaign finance system like Arizona and Maine have in place. Every candidate who opts into this kind of full public finance system and qualifies by raising a reasonable number of $5 donations along with their petition signatures receives an equal public campaign grant sufficient to reach the voters of their district with their message. A condition of receiving the grant must be participation in a series of publicly-sponsored debates. Full public campaign financing levels the playing field.

End the Corporate Personhood and Money-Is-Speech Doctrines: Lobby the U.S. Congress to support House Joint Resolution 29, the We The People Amendment, an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to establish that only natural human beings, not artificial corporations, are persons entitled to constitutional rights and that money is property, not protected speech. This amendment would repeal the Buckley v. Valeo, Citizens United v. FEC, and McCutcheon v. FEC decisions and enable we the people through our elected representatives to publicly and fully regulate and finance public elections.

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