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Rebuild MTA Infrastructure: The Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) needs to invest at least $100 billion over the next decade in order to repair and upgrade tracks, stations, signals, and cars and expand transit services to underserved areas in Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Staten Island.

Free or Reduced Fares to encourage the use of mass transit.

Electrify Transportation: Build an electrified rail and road transportation system across the state that includes recharging stations for electric vehicles, convenient and affordable intra-urban mass transit, inter-urban rail for intermediate distances, and high-speed rail for long distances.

Fund Public Transportation in New York City and throughout the state with:

  • Congestion Pricing

  • For-Hire Vehicle Trip Surcharges on taxis, Lyft, Uber, etc.

  • Progressive Carbon Tax that uses part of the revenues to protect low- and middle-income households and part for investments in public transportation and clean energy

  • New York City Land Value Tax: Recapture for the city treasury the unearned increase in land values and rents due to social investments in transportation, infrastructure, housing, and business development.

  • Tax the Rich: More progressive income taxation

  • Stock Transfer Tax: Stop rebating 100% of revenues to stock traders.

  • Public Bank: Low-cost loans from a state-owned public bank

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