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Reproductive Rights

  • Reproductive Health Act: Decriminalize abortion in the New York penal code and codify the constitutional protections of Roe v. Wade into state law.

  • Comprehensive Contraceptive Coverage Act: Mandate that all state insurers cover any FDA approved birth control.

  • "Boss Bill:" Enact the "Boss Bill" to prohibit an employer from taking adverse action against an employee because the employee or their dependent made a reproductive decision that conflicts with the employer's personal or religious beliefs.

Equal Rights Amendment: Pass the Equal Rights Amendment to our state Constitution to end discrimination on the basis of sex.

Strengthen Sexual Harassment Policy for State Employees: The sexual harassment law enacted in March 2018 needs strengthening. It bans nondisclosure agreements except when the condition of confidentiality is the explicit preference of the victim. It prohibits mandatory arbitration in sexual harassment complaints. It requires government employees found responsible for committing harassment to refund any taxpayer-financed payouts. But it failed to clearly define sexual harassment, which means the policies could be narrowly interpreted and ineffective. The public still cannot access records about harassment claims because the state Legislature is not subject to the state’s own open records law. The law should also needs a more expansive coverage of gender-based discrimination.

End the Feminization of Poverty: A program to provide economic security for working mothers, women, and all New Yorkers should include:

  • Jobs for all willing and able to work, with public jobs for the unemployed in public works and public services to meet community-defined needs.

  • A state $20/hour minimum wage, indexed to productivity.

  • Elimination of the tip credit that lets employers pay a wage less than the minimum wage.

  • A guaranteed adequate income above poverty for all who cannot or should not work.

  • Education in lieu of work requirements for people participating in TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families).

  • Exempting women from TANF work requirements if they have children under five.

  • Quality, affordable childcare for all who need it.

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