Latest Poll Shows Strong Third Party Field

Latest Poll Shows Strong Third Party Field October , 2018

Gravis Marketing released its latest survey of likely voters with Cuomo at 48%, Molinaro at 25% Sharpe at 13%, Miner at 9% and Hawkins at 6%

New York, NY – Gravis Marketing released a new survey of 783 Likely Voters this morning, asking voters how they planned to vote in the upcoming gubernatorial election. Among the voters surveyed Democratic Candidate Andrew Cuomo polled at 48%, Republican Candidate Marc Molinaro polled at 25%, Libertarian Candidate Larry Sharpe polled at 13%, Serve America Movement Candidate Stephanie Miner polled at 8%, and Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins polled at 6%. The poll has a +/-3.5% margin of error.

“This poll shows that we’re continuing to gain momentum with New York voters.” says Libertarian Candidate Larry Sharpe.  “When people know who I am, when people hear our message, my campaign polls even better. We’re seeing the results of our efforts at events throughout New York State.” Follow up questions within the poll asked respondents about various policy issues and whether they were aware of candidate issue positions. After these questions, the respondents were asked again about their preferences for governor with Andrew Cuomo at 38%, Larry Sharpe at 25%, Marc Molinaro at 19%, Stephanie Miner at 9%, and Howie Hawkins at 10%.

“This poll really underscores the need for debate that includes all candidates for Governor. Millions of New York voters are looking for alternatives to the major party candidates” says Brian Waddell, Larry Sharpe’s campaign manager. “Governor Cuomo needs to come out of hiding and agree to a debate immediately.”

At present time, Governor Andrew Cuomo has not agreed to debate any candidates for Governor.

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