Let's Debate Issues, Not Dolphins-Bills

Let's Debate Issues, Not Dolphins-Bills

Howie Hawkins, the Green Party candidate for Governor, said that the real scandal over the Buffalo Bills is not that Astorino prefers the Miami Dolphins but that the new owner made his fortune fracking for natural gas and contributing to climate change. 

"While the rest of the country was debating the issues of domestic violence, child abuse and the NFL, Cuomo spent his campaign dollars photoshopping Astorino's son out of a sport attack ad," Hawkins noted. "Rather than debating which sports teams we follow, we should be debating jobs, health care and climate change." 

"The NFL needs to send a stronger message that it is not going to tolerate violence against women, children and its own players. One way to show they are serious is by firing Commissioner Goodell," said Hawkins.

Hawkins has long promoted non-profit community ownership of sports teams on the model of the Green Bay Packers to ensure that local residents and fans, not billionaire speculators, keep the franchise anchored to its community. He has also opposed the myriad tax subsidies and giveaways extracted by billionaire NFL owners under the threat of moving their teams, just like so many other absentee-owned multinational corporations in other industries. 

"The NFL unfortunately has deteriorated into a modern version of the gladiator fights with its misuse and abuse of its players. Many of its players are cast aside after a few years of combat, often soon declaring bankruptcy and suffering through major health problem starting with brain injuries," Hawkins said 

Hawkins, who was born in San Francisco, is a fan of the San Francisco 49ers and the Oakland Raiders. His second tier favorites are the Green Bay Packers and Buffalo Bills. He also roots for his hometown Syracuse Orange and his alma mater Dartmouth Big Green in college football.

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