Libous Indictment Shows Cesspool of Albany Corruption

Libous Indictment Shows Cesspool of Albany Corruption

 "The escalating number of criminal indictments hasn't put a damper on political corruption at the State Capitol. Pocketing tax dollars for personal gain is the main reason why many legislators go to Albany. Cleaning up corruption has to start with a clean sweep in November. Voters need to turn incumbents out this November," said Howie Hawkins, the Green Party candidate for Governor.

 "We also need real ethics reforms and full public campaign financing, not the weak changes promoted by Cuomo and the WFP leadership. The legalized bribery of private campaign financing is thoroughly corrupting. The money made by politicians on fees for consulting companies doing business with the state and the pay-to-play system of private campaign financing have to be ended with a full time legislature and full public campaign financing. We need public servants, not privately purchased politicians," Hawkins added.

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