Mark Dunlea announces candidacy for State Comptroller

Mark Dunlea announces candidacy for State Comptroller

NewsChannel 34 WIVT/WBGH (ABC/NBC, Binghamton), June 20, 2018


BINGHAMTON, N.Y. - The Green Party's candidate for Governor also appeared before the Broome County Courthouse steps along with the party's candidate for State Comptroller.

Mark Dunlea officially announced his run for Comptroller.

He says the main focus of his candidacy is to divest public pension funds from fossil fuels.

According to Dunlea, only 4 percent of New York State gets it's electricity from renewable energy and that he and Gubernatorial Candidate Howie Hawkins would support legislation to move to 100 percent clean energy by 2030.

Dunlea says climate change needs to receive more attention.

"The first issue is to really force the issue of divestment in climate change. I think it's the single greatest threat to humanity at this point and we're losing the struggle against climate change," said Dunlea.

Dunlea also cited a study done by Cornell and Stanford professors that showed a transition to 100 percent renewable energy would create 4.5 million jobs during construction and 58,000 permanent annual jobs thereafter for the energy facilities.

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