Hawkins Responds to Cuomo's "New Agenda"

Hawkins Responds to Cuomo's "New Agenda"

Howie Hawkins, the Green Party nominee to Governor, will hold a news conference in Albany on Wednesday, June 4 to respond to Andrew Cuomo's revised economic agenda as part of the "Quid Pro Cuomo" to win the Working Families Party line a second time.

The news conference will be at 1 PM in the LCA press room of the Legislative Office Building, Rm. 130. (State and Swan Sts. in Albany).

Hawkins will be in Albany to meet with various labor groups.

Hawkins will focus on the issues of the minimum wage; the war on drugs and the criminal justice system; the state's energy plan, including the need to ban the fracking of natural gas; and immigration reform.

Hawkins will discuss his plans for the general election and outline his differences with Astorino and Cuomo.

Of the state's four "minor parties," only the Green Party has decided to run its own candidate for Governor. The WFP this weekend gave its ballot line for a second time to Governor Cuomo despite his opposition to their economic agenda over the last four years.

Hawkins will be the only progressive candidate in the race, calling for a Green New Deal to provide full employment, funding for local schools and governments, and a 100% clean renewable energy system by 2030. He is the only candidate that makes combating poverty, racism and the mass incarceration of New York residents a central part of his campaign. He is the only candidate promising to provide health care to all residents with no copays, premiums and deductibles. He is also the only candidate supporting a ban on the hydrofracking of natural gas.

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