Media Advisory: news wrap up for October 1

Media Advisory: news wrap up for October 1

Corporations Causing Climate Change Should Be Taken Over By The Public

Howie Hawkins, Green Party Candidate for N.Y. Governor, sits down with Dennis Trainor, Jr. of Acronym TV on the eve of the largest Climate march in history to discuss his campaign.


Cuomo playing games with debates

And there is no excuse for locking any candidates out of the room. Hawkins received more that 57,000 votes when he ran for governor in 2010, giving the Green Party an automatic spot on this year's ballot. The Green Party is not a one-and-done publicity stunt. Its backers have a very specific platform that resonates with people all over the country, and their candidates need to be included in the entire election process.

Green Party Candidate For Governor Visits Watertown

Gubernatorial hopeful Howie Hawkins says he's more in touch with New York voters than his opponents. "I'm representing the 99 percent of us who work for a living and the other two parties are representing the 1 percent and they're bought and paid for and the political representatives of the 1 percent do what the 1 percent wants that paid for their campaigns," said Hawkins.

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