Media Advisory: News wrap up for September 27

Media Advisory: News wrap up for September 27

Cuomo Accepts Debate Invitations - Hawkins wants in both

Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins also accepted his invitation to participate in the Buffalo debate, but took issue with his exclusion from the downstate debate. Hawkins said in a statement, "The law should be changed so that if you want to run for office in New York State, you have to agree to participate in a series of public debates with all candidates who meet the legal requirements to be on the ballot."


Candidates can help effect change in voting attitudes

Astorino and Cuomo seem to be locked in a battle over which candidate can come up with the nuttiest advertisement. Recently, Astorino accused Cuomo of killing unicorns, locking Santa Claus in a chimney and pushing Humpty Dumpty off a wall. Cuomo, meanwhile, implied that Astorino would be a lousy governor because he’s a Miami Dolphins fan. Guess what? Nobody cares. None of this nonsense matters a smidgen to New Yorkers. New Yorkers want jobs. New Yorkers want lower taxes. New Yorkers want safe communities to raise their children.

Interestingly enough, Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins seems to be sticking to the issues in his mission to become governor. Hmmm. Imagine that. The issues.

Cuomo accepts invitations to participate in Buffalo, New York City debates

Hawkins, like Astorino, has also called for debates. He received seven percent of the vote in the latest Siena College poll and believes that all candidates, including minor party challengers, should be allowed to participate in the debates.

"Voters are not satisfied with the two choices they hear about from paid ads and the news," Hawkins said in a statement Wednesday. "They want open debates where all the candidates have the opportunity to lay out their vision of how to improve our state. It is time for Cuomo and Astorino to agree to open debates."


The Activist Who Ran for Governor - Randy Credico now stumping for Hawkins

Just recently, for example, he said he had to go to a rally in Albany for Howie Hawkins, the Green Party candidate for New York governor. He says he will be doing stand-ups at various fundraisers for Hawkins, the Green Party candidate, who he has already endorsed.

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