NY Gubernatorial candidate pitches "Green New Deal" in Binghamton

NY Gubernatorial candidate pitches "Green New Deal" in Binghamton

Spectrum News, April 18, 2018

Green party Gubernatorial candidate Howie Hawkins was in the Southern Tier, sharing his plan for the state and the region.

Hawkins is no stranger to politics. This will be his third time running for Governor. At a news conference in Binghamton Wednesday, he focused on high property taxes, as well as revenue sharing between the state and cities. Hawkins talked corruption in Albany, mentioning more than 40 officials with ethics violations. He also wants to make the state health care system a single payer program working from the bottom up.

"Our approach is not this trickledown economics that Governor Cuomo has taken to a new level, which is corrupting because the campaign contributors go, they're the ones that get the favors and improve the situation for everybody from the bottom up," said Hawkins. "You put more money in working people's pockets, they spend it. It increases demand, business expands, jobs are created."

Hawkins is also calling for New York to run on 100-percent clean energy by 2030. The green party candidate will face off against the winners of the Republican and Democratic primaries.

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