2018 NYC Outreach Fund!

Who's donating: from Brooklyn, NY donated. Thank you!
$50.00 raised
GOAL: $20,000.00
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This was supposed to be the year when progressives were going to oust Corporate Democrats in the primaries. Whereas big names were taken out like Queens Machine Boss Joe Crowley and IDC honcho Jeff Klein the King of Corporate Democrats, neoliberal Gov. Cuomo, survived the primaries.

The Green Party has a plan to make history this year. But we need your help. Please help us raise $20,000 for a special voter outreach fund in New York City.

Donate $35 right now.

In every election, Gov. Cuomo pulls the levers on a political machine to get out the vote in New York City. To counter-act this, Howie Hawkins and the Green Party are building a fund to reach those left behind by a poltical system that has failed to hold Gov. Cuomo accountable for his coruption and his betrayals of the public trust.

The Green Party voter outreach fund will allow us to spread our message.

Who's donating

Daniella Liebling

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  • Daniella Liebling
    donated 2018-10-17 09:20:09 -0400

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