Hawkins: Primary Results Shows Path to Victory for Greens in November

Hawkins: Primary Results Shows Path to Victory for Greens in November

Howie Hawkins, the Green Party candidate for Governor, said today that the stunningly high vote total against Cuomo in the Democratic Primary shows that many New Yorkers reject his conservative economic policies.

Hawkins will also hold a statewide call with the media on Sept. 10 at 2:00 PM to discuss the primary and the upcoming general election.

He congratulated Zephyr Teachout on running a strong, spirited campaign challenging Cuomo's record.

"It was good that citizen activists rejected the backroom deal hammered out by leaders of the Democratic and Working Families parties and a few labor bureaucrats. I applaud their courage in standing up to Cuomo, his favors to campaign contributors, his culture of intimidation. The Green Party looks forward to completing this job, providing the only progressive alternative to Cuomo on November 4," said Hawkins.

"I will work hard to win the votes of the principled progressives who were inspired by the Teachout campaign. Our campaign welcomes them to join us in building a movement independent of the corporate interests that control both major parties," added Hawkins.

Hawkins said that the abysmally low voter turnout in the primary shows that voters feel that neither of the major parties offer real alternatives that will improve their lives and are disgusted by the culture of corruption.

"Every candidates says they will create jobs but they trot out the same old ideas that boil down to more corporate welfare giveaways. The Green Party offers a full employment plan including a public jobs initiative if needed," Hawkins pointed out.

Hawkins wants a Green New Deal. By investing in a transition to 100% clean renewable energy in 2030, Hawkins said New York can create 4.5 million new jobs. Hawkins and the Green Party are helping to mobilize New Yorkers to participate in largest climate change march in history in NYC on Sept. 21 to demand action by the UN Climate Summit on global warming.

The Green Party agenda also seeks to fully fund public schools and scrap high-stakes testing, restore progressive taxes and revenue sharing, and make health care a right.

Hawkins said the primary results show that voters don't like candidates such as Cuomo who refuse to participate in public debates.


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