Groundswell of Grassroots Progressive Support for Howie Hawkins. Continues to Build Endorsements Include Teacher Unions, Democratic Elected Officials and Democratic Clubs

 (ALBANY, New York)—Progressive and Democratic anger at Governor Cuomo on everything from fracking to the Moreland Commission on corruption, from tax breaks for the rich to too much money in politics has pushed progressive support towards Howie Hawkins. That building groundswell of support amongst traditional grassroots base groups of the Democratic Party is awakening voters to the Green Party candidate's campaign and progressive credentials. Those disaffected Democrats are finding a home in the Hawkins campaign.

Today three representative voices speaking in support of Howie Hawkins for Governor and their total disaffection with Governor Cuomo joined Hawkins in Albany to make clear where their support is coming from. Besides the upset with Cuomo, their support stems from Hawkins plans to increase the minimum wage to $15, ban fracking, to take aggressive action on climate change and create millions of jobs by moving to 100% clean energy by 2030, reinvigorate the public sector, cut taxes on working people and raise them on the rich, and to equitably fund our schools.

"It is clear that my campaign and the Green Party's grassroots efforts have led to this momentum and that we can now rightfully claim the mantle as New York State's progressive party," Howie Hawkins said. "I welcome the support of all progressives, those who have stood with the Green Party for years and those now feeling alienated by the Democratic Party leadership and Governor Cuomo."

"I strongly support Howie Hawkins to be our next Governor. Howie is a man of the people who has the integrity, compassion, and wisdom to usher in much desired and long awaited progressive change in New York. There are so many opportunities to seize upon in New York -- creating a living wage, establishing true equity in how our cities receive state aid, leveling the playing field for all of New York's students so that everyone, regardless of race or income level, receives a top-notch education -- and Howie is the man to get it done," said Judd Krasher -- Albany City Council, 11th Ward. "I urge progressive to Democrats join me in voting for Howie Hawkins on Election Day."

"Democrats, like Republicans, are running candidates with two different sides of the same coin-—Governor 1% vs. Westchester Astorino. Here’s your chance to vote for someone who represents the 99% of Americans—Howie Hawkins, Teamster activist and Green Party advocate," said Doug Bullock, Albany County 7th District Legislator. "While the two party conservative candidates have almost identical platforms, Hawkins has the Green New Deal—end corporate welfare in New York State, don't frack away our future, get big bucks out of politics and stop tax breaks for the rich."

"In our ten year history we have never endorsed a non-Democrat candidate for public office. But we will not endorse someone just because they are registered in the party when they do not uphold the ideals and progressive principles of the party," said Allen Roskoff, president of the Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club and legendary gay activist. "On economic and equity issues Governor Cuomo acts more like a Republican than a Democrat. For those of us who believe in economic justice we thought it would be unconscionable to endorse Andrew Cuomo."

"Howie Hawkins is the kind of true progressive that we can stand behind, and feel proud to endorse. Between the Moreland Commission, Cuomo's unwillingness to debate in the primary, his refusal to outlaw fracking, and that he is the first Governor in decades not to utilize his powers of clemency, which we find cold-hearted and unjust, we simply do not believe Cuomo deserves the votes of liberal Democrats. Howie Hawkins is the logical alternative."

"A strong vote count by Hawkins is a message to other Democratic candidates that progressive Democratic voters will not rubber stamp non-progressive Democrats. Even as loyal Democrats there will be instances when we just have to look elsewhere," Roskoff concluded.

The following have all recently endorsed Howie Hawkins for Governor:

Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club

Village Independent Democrats  

Downtown Independent Democrats 

Prospect Heights Democrats for Reform

Southern Brooklyn Democrats

Buffalo Teachers Federation

East Williston Teachers' Association

Lakeland Federation of Teachers

Port Jefferson Station Teachers Association

Valley Central Teachers Association

The Plainview-Old Bethpage Congress of Teachers

New York Badass Teacher Association

United Opt Out

Independent Community of Educators

Independent Commission on Public Education (ICOPE)

Coalition for Public Education

New York Collective of Radical Educators


Tompkins County (Ithaca Area) Officials:

Tompkins County District 12 Legislator Will Burbank

Caroline Town Supervisor Don Barber

Ulysses Town Supervisor Liz Thomas

Enfield Town Supervisor Ann Rider

Village of Lansing Deputy Mayor Lynn Leopold

City Judge Seth Peacock

Caroline Town Councilmember Mark Witmer

Caroline Town Councilmember Irene Weiser

Former Ithaca Mayor Carolyn Peterson

Former Ithaca Alderwoman Jennifer Dotson

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