Hawkins Opposes Seneca Lake Liquified Propane Gas

Hawkins Opposes Seneca Lake Liquified Propane Gas

Hawkins Administration Would Deny Permit for LPG Storage along Seneca Lake and 
Challenge Natural Gas Storage Implementation Plan Submitted to FERC 

Green gubernatorial candidate Howie Hawkins announced today that his administration would deny the pending permit applications of Crestwood Midstream and its subsidiaries to store liquefied propane gas (LPG) and expand natural gas storage in the depleted salt caverns along Seneca Lake.  Local residents are protesting today against the project in Watkins Glens.

In addition, a Hawkins administration would challenge the adequacy of the implementation plan Arlington Storage Company submitted to FERC on August 12 to construct and operate a natural gas storage facility along Seneca Lake.  Hawkins said the Arlington plan is not in compliance with the FERC Certificate issued May 15.

“The risks of these gas storage projects are too great,” Hawkins said. “The shores of Seneca Lake are not an appropriate location for a gas storage 'hub.' The salt caverns are too geologically unstable. It would only take one accident to turn visitors away from the region. We need to promote the Finger Lake’s booming winery and tourist economy, not threaten their existence.”

“All this natural gas infrastructure is premised on fracking and will ruin what's left of the upstate economy. I will protect the Finger Lakes and their wineries, farms, and tourist economy. I will ban fracking. I will halt all new fossil fuel infrastructure. And I will devote all new energy investments in New York to building a 100% clean energy system by 2030. That is how we will create good jobs, cut power costs, and revitalize the upstate economy,” Hawkins said.

Background Info

Finger Lakes wineries want gas-storage plan rejected,

Jon Campbell, July 30, 2014

Letter to Governor Cuomo Regarding Salt Cavern Storage from Senators Avella, Krueger, Tkaczyk, Latimer, February 2014,

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