Statewide Campaign Kickoff Blitz!

Statewide Campaign Kickoff Blitz!

The week of April 8, Howie is officially kicking of his campaign with events across New York State. Please join us and please spread the word to your friends and political allies! 

New York City – Saturday, April 12, 7 pm 
New York City - Sunday, April 13 Press Conference

Stand with Howie next week and show your support for a political vision that prioritizes the needs of people and planet and economic justice and fairness. Cuomo relies upon the 1% to fund his campaigns. Howie is relying on you to help build the movement we need for radical social change.

Can't make it to one of the events above? Please donate and sign up to volunteer! Our people-powered campaign needs your help to reach voters, mobilize supporters and build the independent political movement we need for policies that make New York’s economy work for the 99% of us - a $15/hour minimum wage, a public jobs program that puts the unemployed to work meeting community needs and building the renewable energy system that ends our reliance on fossil fuels.

Next week Howie is formally announcing his campaign but he has already been busy for weeks responding to the upside down policies coming out of Albany and generating media coverage for our Green New Deal platform, with an article just today on Counterpunch on the Supreme Court's McCutcheon ruling and public campaign finance. You can read Howie’s most recent statements reacting to the “rich man’s budget,” Cuomo’s property tax-schemes, and the push to privatize our schools on the News Releases section of the campaign website.

Save the Date for the Green Party of New York State Convention, May 17th in the Capital District where Howie will seek the Green Party's nomination to run for Governor and GPNYS will approve our new platform. You can view a first draft of the platform and submit comments here. 

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