Syracuse Campaign Kickoff!

Syracuse Campaign Kickoff!

Thank you to Syracuse Greens and supporters for joining Howie for the first event of his statewide campaign kick off blitz.

You can watch full video of the announcement on Indymedia CNY  

Howie was joined by a room full of supporters as he outlined why he is running for Governor of NY against Democrat Andrew Cuomo. Howie outlined his Green New Deal platform, a plan to create badly needed jobs for unemployed New Yorkers addressing community need and building the clean energy system we need to reach a goal of a carbon free economy by 2030.  After the official kick off, Howie spoke at a Funk Not Fracking event near Syracuse University (photos below.)  You can read early coverage of the kickoff from the Post Standard's Tim Knauss, 5 Questions for Howie Hawkins.

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