Universal Health Care PAC

Universal Health Care PAC

The Universal Healthcare Political Action Committee supports political candidates who champion Medicare for All and other forms of single payer healthcare.

Do you believe Universal Health Care (defined as Medicare for All or a similar single-payer system) is a fundamental right for all Americans? Yes

If elected, are you willing to sponsor legislation to enact Universal Health Care? Yes

Have you made your support for Universal Health Care publicly known as part of your campaign? Yes

If elected, will you be willing to speak publicly and attend rallies in support of Universal Health Care? Yes

If elected, would you be willing to only vote for caucus leadership candidates who openly support Universal Health Care? Yes

Have you accepted campaign contributions from the medical insurance industry, big pharma, or any other group openly opposed to Universal Health Care? No

In your personal opinion, do you believe Universal Health Care is something a majority of your constituents would support? Yes

Briefly explain why you believe your campaign should be endorsed by UHCPAC.

I am the only candidate on the ballot for Governor of New York who will sign the New York Health Act, a bill for a universal single-payer health care plan that will cover all medically necessary services for all residents of New York at less cost than New Yorkers now pay for the multi-payer mixed public and private system. I have repeatedly said that in media interviews and news conferences.

Aside from financially, how can UHCPAC assist you in your campaign if you are endorsed?

Announcing your endorsement to the media and on social media would inform more voters of my position as the only pro single-payer candidate on the ballot for Governor of New York.

If endorsed by UHCPAC, do you agree to promote the endorsement via your social media, campaign website, or campaign materials? Yes

If there is anything else you believe UHCPAC should know about you, your election, or your opponent that would help us determine whether or not to endorse you, please let us know.

Gov. Cuomo is going to win. 538 (Nate Silver) gives the Republican a 0.4% chance of winning. The three third-party candidates' chances are lower.

The question in this election now is what kind of message are voters going to send Gov. Cuomo. Is he going to get a free ride on single-payer, or are we going to send him the message that he can't take single-payer voters for granted? 

The 5% I received in 2014 meant Cuomo had to respond to some of our demands. We got a ban on fracking, paid family leave, and movement toward a $15 minimum wage and tuition-free public college.

Our campaign slogan is Demand More! We want more reforms, starting with the New York Health Act.

The more votes we get, the more power we'll have in the next legislative session to push the New York Health Act, which as passed the Assembly four consecutive years and is one vote short in the state Senate, which is likely to flip from Republican to Democratic control in this election.

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