WNY Women's Foundation

WNY Women's Foundation

The WNY Women's Foundation's mission is to create a culture of possibility so each woman and girl can live, grow, and lead to her fullest potential. We believe that when women lead, communities succeed.

Question – In what ways have you and/or will you address gender barriers and create equitable opportunities in order to ensure economic self-sufficiency for women and families in Western New York? (500 character maximum)

Public jobs for the unemployed.

$20 minimum wage indexed to inflation and productivity.

Guaranteed adequate income above poverty.

Affordable housing through rent control and expanded public housing.

Single-payer health care.

Universal full-time pre-K from age 3.

Affordable child care during all shifts.

Labor law protections for farmworkers.

Education in lieu of work requirements for participants in TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families).

Strong enforcement of the Achieve Pay Equity Law.

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