10/27, 12 Noon MEDIA CONFERENCE CALL. Hawkins to Discuss WFP's Cynical Attempt to Convince Progressive Voters That Cuomo is a Progressive If They Vote for Him on the WFP Line. Will Make Direct Appeal to Zephyr Teachout Voters.



Where: Conference Call #: 315-741-5914 or

When: Monday, October 27th at 12 noonGreen Party candidate for governor Howie Hawkins will hold a media conference call today at noon to make a direct appeal to Zephyr Teachout's supporters for their votes and to discuss the Working Families Party's cynical, sad, and impotent strategy. 

Teachout was able to get 34% of the Democratic Primary vote (181,000 votes) by running on a progressive platform, appealing to voters furious with Gov. Cuomo's  record on income inequality, taxation, fracking, schooling and corruption.

In the general election the only candidate running on a progressive platform is Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins. Hawkins is currently polling at 9%, which equates to 415,000 votes. 

Unlike Mr. Cuomo and the Working Families Party, with Hawkins and the Green Party there is no electoral fusion confusion, or ballot hocus pocus: what you see is what you get—Howie Hawkins, the People's Governor, running on his party's ballot line. 

Green party leaders and activists are able to comfortably endorse Howie Hawkins on the Green Party line, unlike WFP leaders and celebrities who are fighting for the very survival of their ballot status by hosting Gov. Cuomo on their ballot line though he does not hold their values or have a record they can support. 

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