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One Earth, One Chance

Dear Fellow Earthlings,

Governor Cuomo has received at least $1 million in campaign contributions from pro-fracking interests. 

Help fight for a ban on fracking by making a donation to my campaign for Governor. 

I campaigned for a ban on fracking in 2010 as the Green Party candidate for Governor at a time when many in the environmental movement still saw gas, including fracked gas, as a bridge to clean renewables. After our 2010 campaign, the ban fracking demand was pushed to forefront by the grassroots.

Cuomo is stalling on whether or not to ban or approve fracking until after the election. We then expect him to turn to his presidential ambitions and join the pro-fracking consensus of the national Democratic Party.

100% Clean Energy by 2030

We want clean energy from the abundant energies of the sun, wind, and water - energy that is so widely distributed that every home and business can capture, use, store, and share it. We want a future without the coal, oil, and gas burning that is heating up our only planet.

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