One Earth, One Chance

One Earth, One Chance

Dear Fellow Earthlings,

Governor Cuomo has received at least $1 million in campaign contributions from pro-fracking interests. 

Help fight for a ban on fracking by making a donation to my campaign for Governor. 

I campaigned for a ban on fracking in 2010 as the Green Party candidate for Governor at a time when many in the environmental movement still saw gas, including fracked gas, as a bridge to clean renewables. After our 2010 campaign, the ban fracking demand was pushed to forefront by the grassroots.

Cuomo is stalling on whether or not to ban or approve fracking until after the election. We then expect him to turn to his presidential ambitions and join the pro-fracking consensus of the national Democratic Party.

100% Clean Energy by 2030

We want clean energy from the abundant energies of the sun, wind, and water - energy that is so widely distributed that every home and business can capture, use, store, and share it. We want a future without the coal, oil, and gas burning that is heating up our only planet.

The major party politicians are fiddling while the planet burns. We know that it is economically and technologically feasible to build a 100% clean energy system by 2030 in New York State. What is missing is the political will.

I am campaigning for a Green New Deal for New York to provide economic and environmental security and prosperity for all. Full Employment. Living Wages. Single-Payer Health Care. Tuition-Free Public Education from Pre-K through CUNY and SUNY. 100% Clean Energy by 2030.

Cuomo's draft State Energy Plan implicitly supports fracking with its promotion of gas pipelines, coal-to-gas power and heat conversion, and vehicles powered by compressed or liquified gas.

Our Clean Energy program would invest $600 billion and create 4.5 million jobs over 17 years to build out efficiency, solar power, wind power, electrified mass transit and vehicles, solar heating and cooling, energy storage in hydrogen fuel cells, and an interactive smart grid to share the energy, with no nukes or fossil fuels.

Candidate 99% vs. Governor 1% 

In a state with over 19 million people, a tiny elite of very wealthy people have given Cuomo over 99% of his $33 million campaign war chest, including 12 billionaires who gave between $50,000 and $1.16 million. 81% of Cuomo's campaign fund came from contributions of $10,000 or more and 45% from donations of $40,000 or more. Less than 1% of his campaign fund came from donations of less than $1,000.

Cuomo had only 4,273 contributors in his first three years in office. Our goal is 5,000 contributors in the first three months of our campaign.

By the time we make our first financial report to the state Board of Elections in mid-July, we want to be able to say Candidate 99% got more contributors in three months than Governor 1% got in three years.

Please make a contribution this Earth Day to help us reach our goal of 5000 contributors.

One Planet, One Chance.

Howie Hawkins

PS: On this Earth Day, join the Green Party of New York State as we participate in the launch of the Global Climate Convergence. There are actions planned across the US and across New York. You can find details on the GPNYS website. Wherever you are in New York, make a call today or any day this week to Comptroller DiNapoli and tell him to divest New York's pensions funds from fossil fuel investment  (518) 474-4044 there are more details on the GPNY Facebook page. 

PSS: I hope you will join us at the Green Party of New York State Convention on Saturday May 17 in Troy, NY at the Sanctuary for Independent Media. There will be skill-building and workshops for leading activists and organizers in our movement. More details soon! Please RSVP here.

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